Welcome to the Nature Society!

Welcome to my new Nature blog – by kids and for kids!

Hello! My name is Judah and I love all things nature!

I have a pet turtle, named Snapper and enjoy watching birds from my window. I like camping, exploring and learning about animals and plants. I enjoy searching for animals and making structures with the rocks near a stream. I also like finding plants in our yard, re-potting them and watching them grow.

Soon I will be getting chicks for the first time and I’m looking forward to watching them grow too. 

Welcome Introductions www.naturesociety.net #godscreation #paintedturtle #naturesociety

This is my pet Snapper! She’s a painted turtle that has lived in a tank in my room for about 4 years now. We rescued her near the highway by a river. You may not think you can take an aquatic turtle outside but I often let Snapper walk around in the grass, while keeping an eye on her. I also made a small cage with no floor which can be placed in the grass and Snapper can walk around without escaping. 

I enjoy watching Snapper swim in the tank and get excited every time someone walks in the room. She dives off her dock and splashes energetically.   

I hope that by reading this blog you and I will learn more about nature as we explore it together!

by Judah L.

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