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Baby Chicks: Day 1 Observations

So, the phone call we’ve been waiting for finally came – the Post Office called to say our box of baby chicks had arrived!

My dad brought them home and we carefully opened the box.

It’s been fun to see how each of the 4 chicks are different and also observe what they all do that is the same.

Day 1 Observations about all 4 chicks:

  • They are less afraid than we thought they would be to be picked up.
  • Their wings are not grown in and you see the bony, feather shaft where the adult feathers will grow in and replace the tiny down feathers they have now.
  • When they drink, they dip their beak into the water and then lift their heads back like they are gurgling.
  • They sit on their feet and lean their heads far forward to sleep.
  • They chirp more than we expected, almost constantly while they are awake. If it’s quiet = they are asleep!
  • They jump off of their bedding trying to fly, even though only 2 days old!
  • It’s fun to watch them clean themselves and hop around!

We will post up weekly as the grow larger, change, and get their feathers. Ask your parent to sign up for the weekly email so that you don’t miss it!

By Judah & Simon Love

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